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  • What is Class ON

    Its Testing Message Class ON

  • How to manage suppliers here?

    Our School Accounting Software has a dedicated customisable section for suppliers where you can save everything related to multiple suppliers.

  • Can i start your ERP with a few students ?

    Yes, you can start with a few students and staff. Although we also provide a free demo where you can check our ERP working with as many students as you want.

  • Is it safe to use the software?

    It is 100% safe and secure software to use and with this you can only control or access controls to your school finances.

  • How can I maintain my School’s daily expenses in the software?

    ClassOn provides a range of sections and ledgers, for accounts, purchase, expenses where you can record everything easily.

  • Why should my school need an ERP system ?

    The School Management system ERP boosts the productivity and Efficiency of the institute. It shrunken time to keep the track of academic records and enhanced accuracy in organizing the Institution's data. It Improves the Communication of Parents, Students, Teachers, and Staff with each other. Too Many Benefits, We Can’t Explain Here, Request a Callback, Let our Sales Executive tell you all the benefits.