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Optimisation through digitalisation

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Libraries are the heart and soul of an educational institution. Managing libraries manually is often a labour-investing job. Due to overcrowding, often libraries are vested with mismanagement. Class ON is bringing to the table, the best school ERP Software which has inbuilt library software. Through this innovation, library management becomes a piece of cake. With the amazing dashboard showcasing all the important information, the management becomes more orderly. Be it the number of total books, available books, Issued books, or the day-wise number of returned books, Class ON gets you covered!


Prime Essence of School Library Software

Extracting the best of digitization

A library, if managed manually, is mostly a mess. Every day, hundreds of books are issued and returned. A small mistake can lead to misunderstandings and mismanagement. To ease down this tiring process and to relive the heroes of libraries, the librarians, Class ON has come up with this exciting innovation. Be it the Organisation of books to journals, tracking records of issues and returns or managing reservation lists of specific books, Class ON helps the process to occur seamlessly!


Gems of Library Management Tool

Fault-free addition of New Books: Proper Organisation of spices, quite a hectic process, is a sign of a well-managed kitchen. Similarly, adding new books is a labour-intensive job. With Class ON, the table has turned on completely! Be it category name, book title, language or any other details, Class ON got you covered – signing in with flawless innovative methods.

Managing Returns: The Prime challenge of a librarian is to manage returns. Yet, the days of worry are gone with Class ON! Its software allows admins to check on the day-to-day list of returns and issues, distinguish the returned books, add return dates and even add remarks to books.

Reports at fingertips: Varied Report Generation has never been so easy. Starting from reports of all available books, issued books to returned books, get them within clicks. Admins get the freedom to select the dates for which a report is required, thus reflecting user-friendliness.

Ultimate Dashboard: Class ON has evolved with a highly modernised dashboard, reflecting all the necessary information (including several issued books, returned books, and available books). The dashboard is optimised so that users can easily access every feature.

Easing out categorisation: Well categorised section is a signature of a good library. Now, librarians can add new categories, titles, ASN code and sort numbers all through a single application.

Automate your Library: Enhance the functioning of your library with Class ON with the use of technology. Our features allow you to automate issues, returns, report making (daily report, monthly report) and even manage the books within a single app, thus decreasing mismanagement.

Upload Excel files: Easily record book lists by uploading Excel files directly to our app, simplifying the process for seamless organization. Unlock accessibility for all users with this convenient feature, ensuring effortless management of your book inventory.


Mastering Library File Management

  • Even if the librarian is new in this field, he/she can definitely master the art of library management within days. With the advent of Class ON’s app, tracking issues, returns and reservations are only few clicks far.

  • Besides tracking, this app helps in fine calculation and record keeping. With an inbuilt calculator, the app reflects the fine acquired due to skipping the due date.

What’s extra in Class ON Library Management Software?

Our Research and development team has spent months understanding the fundamentals of an Indian School Library. We are aware of the difficulties faced in the traditional way of library management and their consequences on the overall impression of a school. To uplift the experience of the library, our app stretches to include almost every function. We Target the automation of every processes including the Year of publication, No. Of pages, Book condition, shelf number, ISBN No., Book bill No., Book cost, and Bill date. One can even track multiple copies of a single book. We are different from others in observing your problems and finding revolutionary solutions for the cause!

Streamlined Resource Monitoring

Librarians can Monitor the whereabouts of books be it availability, location in shelves, issuer, and even their conditions.

Implementation of Barcodes

Utilize our app to create barcode stickers for each book, simplifying issue and return management with effortless scanning. Enhance offline management by ensuring effortless operations for your library or bookstore.

Access Anywhere Anytime

Students and officials can access the list of available books from their comfort. They can even book a reservation for a particular book directly through their app improvising the management procedure.

Incorporation with Learning System

By integrating with the learning system, the school can use the library as a tool to improvise their coursework and improve the learning experience for the students and the teaching methods.

Your App, your Desires

Class ON lets you enjoy customisation benefits through Class ON. Admins can modify notifications, search features and user roles bringing colour to their needs and desires.

Prime Confidentiality Standards

We assure privacy and security through user authentication, keeping student records confidential and enhancing the overall security of every single user on the platform.