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Class ON- managing all the services of your school under one roof!

Your Growth Partner

Are you having a tough time handling all the daily duties? Worry not, Class ON has got your back!

What, Why and How?

If you are waiting to understand how we play a pivotal role in your school’s growth, scroll up to get a complete idea.

30+ Services - Your All-In-One Solution for Ultimate Convenience and Value!

Class ON is a school ERP software developed especially for dealing with almost 30+ services that a premium school requires under one roof. When any school tries to deal on their own, they face unimaginable difficulties – multiple vendors, multiple prices and no surety of quality! Here is where Class ON plays its role!


To walk safely through the maze of school management, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.

Mr. Milan Hans Admission Booster Coach
Founder & C.E.O. of Class ON


Your duties, Our Responsibility

Starting from framing your School Logo and websites, Designing Physical ID Cards, Getting your Trademark Done, Fixing a Toll-Free Number, Dealing with School Buses’s Insurance, Boosting Growth through Digital Marketing, Improving Branding, Guiding in Promotional Strategies, Managing Social Media, Strategies for Increasing Admissions, Search Engine Optimization, Listing in our directories for better rankings, Posting News about your school in our portals, and many more, Class ON takes care of almost the whole process.

Framing the Road to Success

Class ON is known not only for promising but also for delivering. You ask, we promise, we deliver: simple without any rocket science!

Trademark Your Brandname & Logo
100% Unique Logo Design
Flex & Hoarding Design
Website Design
Premium Quality ID Cards
100% Smart School with Class ON

Top-Notch Services for You

School ERP Software for Indian Schools

School Logo & Website Design

School Premium Quality ID Cards

School Name & Logo Trademark

School Marketing Strategies

School Branding & Promotion

School Students, Employees & Buses Insurance

Biometric Attendance Solution

GPS Van Tracking Solution

Whatsapp Message for Promotion

Automatic School Bell Machine

School Tour & Travel Packages

Toll Free Number & VIP Helpline

Google Business Location & Social Media Setup

Business Card & Broucher Printing

Search Engine Optimization for Schools and Many More Services...


Why are we One Stop Solution?

The question is indeed a valid one. In simple words, Class ON eases the process of School Management. Class ON tries to improve the hands-on experience of each and every member of the community: be it the administrators, the office workers and teaching staff, the students and even their parents, Class ON has got specialized versions of the app for each one of them. Apart from improving the academic experience, we deal with various other facets as mentioned above. From designing prospectus, brochures, leaflets and banners to promoting the school for business purposes, Class ON is there with the school till the last!

Advantage of choosing us

Let’s get to know about some of our distinguished features that are remarked by most of the attached schools.

Professionally Perfectionist

Class ON consistently delivers top-quality services with zero tolerance for errors, ensuring excellence in every aspect of their offerings.

By India, For India

Dedicated to serving Indian schools, Class ON has tailored its services based on years of understanding the unique operational needs and challenges of Indian educational institutions.

Prioritising R & D

Class ON prioritizes research and development to address specific challenges faced by schools. Their dedicated teams leverage extensive experience to innovate and deliver effective solutions.

Services Nowhere Else

As a pioneer in educational services, Class ON introduces unique offerings designed by professional experts, enhancing school management and efficiency in ways unmatched by competitors.

Innovative Technology Integration.

Class ON integrates cutting-edge technology to streamline school management processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across administrative tasks, teaching methodologies, and student engagement.

Guaranteed Support

Class ON provides reliable and consistent support to schools, ensuring they have access to assistance whenever needed, thereby fostering strong partnerships and trust.